About Nington

Shanghai Nington Information Technology Co., Ltd. (Nington) is an enterprise-level identity infrastructure provider that addresses the challenges of replacing and upgrading traditional identity infrastructure caused by domestication and cloud migration. Its product portfolio includes multi-factor authentication, network access control, and identity directory services, with a focus on delivering secure, reliable, and efficient identity infrastructure solutions for its customers.

The company focuses on B2B industries such as technology, finance, manufacturing, and medicare since its establishment. It has helped almost 3,000 medium and large businesses including Baidu and Bank of China. Besides acknowledgement from customers, Nington has won a few honors awarded by the industry and the government. In 2021, Nington was rated as the Innovator in Identity Security by IDC Consultancy. In 2022, Nington was nominated by Gartner in the Vendor Toolkit for IAM in China.



Corporate Culture
Our Vision

To become the Chinese standard for enterprise identity

Our Mission

To fill the gap in IT infrastructure supply chain security and provide customers with reliable and advanced domestically produced identity infrastructure.

Core Values

Respect customers' needs, act in prompt response, solve problems efficiently to win their hearts with profession and credibility.
Treat partners in a profession-oriented manner, follow the their business rules to complement each other's advantages, and establish long-term trust.


Be honest with colleagues and partners, and be upfront about risks and problems. Face challenges together, and give top priority to problem-solving.
Adhere to the bottom line set by laws and regulations, and stay humble, respectful, and prudent.

Responsibile and Collaborative

Dare to take responsibility and challenging tasks, without blindly following authority. Take the initiative to advance forward and join hands. Recognizing and appreciate others' achievements and accomplishments with empathy.

Concentrated and Enthusiastic

Start with small steps, constantly review and summarize to improve business skills in a result-oriented manner. Always learn and expand knowledge, and improve cognitive abilities. Be Passionate and willing to teach and share.


Quickly grasp the essence of problems, and keep optimizing product standards and user experience through transformations and reforms. Take an active part in the universal application of products with collective efforts.

  • China Commercial Cryptography Authentication Certificate
  • China Confidential Information System Test Certificate
  • Sales License of Computer Information System Security Product by Sales License
  • China National Compulsory Product Certification (3C Certification)
  • The National Copyright Administration issued the computer software copyright registration certificat
  • ISO9001
  • Information Technology Product Safety Test Certificate
  • UOS V20 Product Ecological Partner
  • Huawei Kunpeng Desktop Cloud Compatibility Certification
  • ISO27001
  • China Netcom Compatibility Certification
  • CCIA2020, 2021 "Potential Star"
  • Top 10 Innovative Enterprises in China's Cyber Security in 2020
  • National High-Tech Enterprise
  • IDC Identity Security Innovator

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