• Nington adds MFA to DiDi’s original business systems and provides customized development services for its directories including OpenDJ and OWA to support authentication, combined with double protection and unified account management.
    Technology & Internet | MFA
  • Nington secures Bilibili’s wireless network with its network access AAA management services. Guests need to pass the self-service SMS authentication on a customized portal before accessing the enterprise network.
    Technology & Internet | Wired/wireless Network Authentication
  • Nington's 2FA authentication reinforces access security of Kuaishou’s VPN for employees in remote work and relieves OPS personnel from repetitive work of regular password changing.
    Technology & Internet | MFA
  • Nington makes WeWork' wireless access experience more convenient, more stable and more secure via unified wireless authentication, winning acknowledgement from WeWork for better efficiency and user experience.
    Technology & Internet | Wired/wireless Network Authentication
  • Inspur Group chooses Nington’s MFA solution for its compliance requirements by combining OTP with static password.
    Technology & Internet | MFA
  • Nington enhances 51Talk’s information security by adding portal authentication to trace guests and hosts and strengthens mobile work security by adding OTP to employees’ VPN access.
    Technology & Internet | Wired/wireless Network Authentication, MFA, ND ACE
  • Nington provides various authentication solutions that meet compliance requirements of SAIC Suzhou R&D Center for different roles. The compatible solutions can be aligned with access auditing devices for real-name authentication.
    High-end Manufacturing | Wired/wireless Network Authentication
  • Nington secures Giti Tire's account security in mobile work by enabling 2FA in ADFS, sharepoint, Juniper VPN and other scenarios, and meanwhile saves OPS costs of password changing and setting for higher efficiency.
    High-end Manufacturing | MFA
  • Nington improves Citrix's remote access security by combining existing domain password authentication with SMS OTP and deploying host and backup authentication servers to make MFA more reliable.
    Financial Services|MFA
  • Nington secures CreditEase’s log-in from infrastructure to unified authentication and SSO with its 2FA product available for tens of thousands of users, contributing to light OPS.
    Financial Services|MFA
  • CEIBS uses Cisco’s WLC+AP for wireless coverage on campus, and adopts Nington's Wi-Fi authentication platform for on-campus faculty to log in with accounts and passwords, and for guests to log in via SMS, as a way of real-name auditing.
    Education | Wired/wireless Network Authentication
  • Shanghai Art & Design Academy adopts Nington’s unified authentication platform to align with its administration system. To meet compliance requirements, access persmissions are controlled for different roles.
    Education | Wired/wireless Network Authentication
  • Nington helps Zhejiang Yuexiu University with its unified user authentication compatible with multiple platforms to secure access to campus networks and allow reasonable distribution of network resources.
    Education | ND ACE
  • Nington MFA and network device AAA management help Yunnan Power Grid enhance its access security, meet compliance requirements and level up OPS administration via classified authorization and real-name audit.
    Energy/Power|MFA, Network Device AAA Management
  • Renji Hospital adopts Nington solution of wireless access authentication and management to standardize access process, improve user experience via self-service SMS verification and ensure access compliance.
    Medicine & Health | MFA
  • Renji Hospital adopts Nington's solution of wireless access authentication and MFA to standardize access process, improve user experience via self-service SMS verification and ensure access compliance.
    Medicine & Health | MFA, Wired/wireless Network Authentication
  • Maoming Municipal Procuratorate along with its three subordinates adopt Nington MFA to align with Huawei Workspace for higher account security.
    Medicine & Health | MFA, Wired/wireless Network Authentication
  • Nington solutions are aligned with the existing Cisco wireless controllers and account store for integrated identities of people, endpoints and networks, reducing OPS workload and improving efficiency.
    Medicine & Health | MFA, Wired/wireless Network Authentication
  • IKEA adopts Nington's wireless access authentication solution to provide free Wi-Fi with better user experience for customers in entertainment and payment scenarios.
    Medicine & Health | MFA, Wired/wireless Network Authentication
  • Carrefour deploys Nington MFA systems in its Beijing and Suzhou outlets to protect remote log-in via VPN and reduce costs for maintaining accounts and passwords.
    Medicine & Health | MFA, Wired/wireless Network Authentication
  • Nington provides the 2FA solution that supports centralized auditing and real-name tracing for log-in of its web business systems including OA, OWA and Office 365.
    Technology & Internet | Wired/wireless Network Authentication
  • Nington supports H5 token embedded in Giant Network's on-prem WeCom and compatible with multiple domains, to secure remote work of headquarters and branches.
    Technology Internet|Wired/wireless Network Certification
Customers' Approval
Nington is a very pragmatic enterprise. Through continuous innovation, it has reached an absolute leading level in the field of authentication. High quality services make us feel professional.
Nington as a localized IAM vendor has emerged with its products that have stood the test of market. Its MFA helps us quickly achieve classified protection compliance and improve the security of Intranet.
Nington’s integrated IAM solutions further secure password authentication to ensure office security. For access, Nington enables unified identity authentication and terminal access security for multiple branches, supporting management of multiple roles from guests to employees and user-identity-based access control and online real-name auditing, which significantly improves the security bottom line of the Intranet and helps achieve classified protection compliance quickly.
Compared with Okta, Nington can better help WeWork follow the trend of localization in China and make office work more convenient and efficient with its MFA, unified identity management and SSO.
We adopt Nington’s MFA solution to meet China’s compliance requirements, align with WeCom and ADFS. Nington’s efficient, convenient, safe and stable identity and security services also help reduce IT overheads and improve user experience.
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