A $14.7bn blue ocean market
Nington’s hit products register an annual growth of over 300% in market share
Nington has helped 2,000+ midsize and large companies in identity security with its 12 years’ experience in this regard. In terms of market share, 2FA sits high on the list, zero trust agile access exceeds by 300% and SSO by 350%, all signaling a promising future.
  • 2021 Q3 vs 2020 Q3
    2FA up by 35%
  • 2021 Q3 vs 2020 Q3
    Network Access up by 300%
  • 2021 Q3 vs 2020 Q3
    SSO up by 350%
Flexible production combinations compatible with mainstream vendors
Becoming Nington’s partner, you will attain
  • Training Supports
    Partner-exclusive training on product capabilities, sales techniques, delivery and implementation, after-sales support and technical services.
  • Sales Supports
    Sales-accompanied customer contact and technical support from Nington’s pre-sales engineers.
  • Marketing Supports
    More customer contact opportunities enabled by diversified marketing events and supplies.
  • Project Supports
    Strong project supports empowered by comprehensive customization for customer needs.
  • After-sales Supports
    All-process problem-solving assistance from technical service staff.
  • Incentives
    Positive incentives of sales rebates for partners at different levels.
Application Process
  • Submit application

  • Official review

  • Agreement confirmation

  • Agreement signing

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