75% reduced risk of a security breach
Multi-form tokens level up your identity security
Mobile Token
Hardware Token
SMS Token
H5 Token
WeChat Applet Token
Mobile Push
Third-party Token
Mobile Token
Mobile token app provides OTP refreshed every 30s/60s
Hardware Token
Handhold hardware token with built-in caliboration clock may implement self-destruction if disassembled.
SMS Token
SMS token can be aligned with mainstream SMS channels and supports 4/6-digit code.
H5 Token
H5 token integrates Nington token into WeCom/DingTalk and other Apps.
WeChat Applet Token
WeChat applet token integrates Nington token into WeChat mini-program instead of app.
Mobile Push
One-click authorization without OTP.
Third-party Token
Nington token is compatible with RSA, Google Authenticator and other tokens.
Find your scenario-based solutions
Nington's MFA system supports integrated authentication, thanks to its compatibility with various capabilities from IT infrastructure to wired and wireless network authentication, from cloud and local applications to unified identity and SSO.
  • Mobile office access security
    Solve the hidden risks of weak passwords in scenarios such as VPN and virtualization.
  • Infrastructure account security
    Reinforce account security of data center infrastructure such as network device,s bastion hosts, servers, and databases.
  • Network access account security
    Address auditing problems caused by shared accounts and passwords during access authentication.
  • Business system account security
    Ensure account security of business systems such as Office365, ADFS, SharePoint, SSO, and e-mails.
Nington's core competitiveness
CapabilitiesRSAGoogle Authentication CodeNington
Multi-form tokens  (mobile, SMS, hardware, WeCom, scanning, etc.)Mobile and hardware tokens onlyMobile tokens onlyAll supported
Localized token expansion (WeCom/DingTalk, scanning)X-Supported
Application scenario compatibility (VPN, virtualization, network device, bastion host, KVM, database, server, local and cloud application, network authentication, SSO, etc.)Partly supported-All supported
User source compatibilityStandardizedStandardized + DevelopmentStandardized + Customized
Mobile token key distribution channels (SMS, e-mail, self-service platform)E-mails onlyNo need to distributeSupported (No need to distribute WeChat tokens)
Mobile token key distribution methods (batch distribution, incremental distribution, automatic distribution)XNo need to distributeSupported (No need to distribute WeChat tokens)
Mobile token activation methods (SMS, QR code, self-service platform)QR code and verification code onlySelf-service onlyAll supported (Self-service for WeChat tokens)
Replaceable LOGOXXSupported
Multiple mobile tokens for one userXSupportedSupported
Scenario-based automatic group management of devicesX-Supported
Risk account and alarm managementX-Supported
High availability (support for escape channels)X-Supported
Multi-branch deployment, centralized deployment, distributed deploymentX-Supported
Application alignment with APIX-Supported
Filtering by user role and device administrative permission setting based on role typesX-Supported
Authentication audit, administrator operation auditX-Supported
Core features
  • High availability
    Nington MFA system supports horizontal expansion of IDC clusters, provides host and standby synchronous deployment solutions, and improves the disaster recovery capability of authentication servers.
  • Security
    Nington MFA system improves overall identity security, establishes escape channels for higher disaster recovery capabilities, and secures tokens and identity authentication.
  • Token automation
    Nington MFA system supports token synchronization with accounts created, automatic token distribution and withdrawal. It allows batch distribution, incremental distribution and automatic distribution to lower operations overheads.
  • Log audit
    Nington MFA system audits user login name, login device, application, token serial number, login and logout time, user IP, traffic used, etc.
Customers' Approval
Nington is a very pragmatic enterprise. Through continuous innovation, it has reached an absolute leading level in the field of authentication. High quality services make us feel professional.
Nington as a localized IAM vendor has emerged with its products that have stood the test of market. Its MFA helps us quickly achieve classified protection compliance and improve the security of Intranet.
Nington’s integrated IAM solutions further secure password authentication to ensure office security. For access, Nington enables unified identity authentication and terminal access security for multiple branches, supporting management of multiple roles from guests to employees and user-identity-based access control and online real-name auditing, which significantly improves the security bottom line of the Intranet and helps achieve classified protection compliance quickly.
Compared with Okta, Nington can better help WeWork follow the trend of localization in China and make office work more convenient and efficient with its MFA, unified identity management and SSO.
We adopt Nington’s MFA solution to meet China’s compliance requirements, align with WeCom and ADFS. Nington’s efficient, convenient, safe and stable identity and security services also help reduce IT overheads and improve user experience.
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