Legitimate people access authorized resources on compliant devices
Lightweight access without client
  • Traditional Access
    Rely on 802.1x client to identify endpoint, control admission, and implement policy. The server is only responsible for policy issuing, resulting in a huge client and high overheads.
  • Nington Access
    Terminal identification, admission control, and policy execution are all implemented by the server, and the client is only responsible for reporting information collected from endpoints to the server. It is basically clientless or only has a lightweight client.
Core Advantages
  • High compatibility
    Nington's products can be adapted to new versions of iMac, mobile, printer and other devices.
  • Low help desk costs
    Nington's highly stable products can reduce on-site personnel's workloads on even tens of thousands of terminals, thus reducing overheads.
  • Clientless
    Nington's products can identify BYOD and IoT devices such as mobile and camera, without a client.
  • Full-scenario control
    Based on portal and 802.1x protocols, Nington's products adopt methods such as switching VLANs and virtual firewalls to cover VPN, internal and external networks.
  • Customized configuration
    Nington's highly flexibile products can help customers build scenarios with various conditions, and customize configuration policies and forms.
  • Wired/Wireless Authentication
    Compatible with mainstream network devices at home and abroad, and support authentication and access control for guests, outsourcers, employees, etc.
  • Endpoint Access for Multi-branched Organizations
    Identify resource types available based on conditions such as security status of accessed endpoints and user identity. Record endpoint and user authentication information and connect with access managers for real-name auditing.
  • IoT Device Access Security
    Visualize Internet of Things (IoT) devices to control access rights and formulate rules based on device type, MAC address, network location, etc.
  • Meet Classified Compliance Requirements
    Check unauthorized devices connected to internal networks, identify their location through virtualization and block them.
Customers' Approval
Nington is a very pragmatic enterprise. Through continuous innovation, it has reached an absolute leading level in the field of authentication. High quality services make us feel professional.
Nington as a localized IAM vendor has emerged with its products that have stood the test of market. Its MFA helps us quickly achieve classified protection compliance and improve the security of Intranet.
Nington’s integrated IAM solutions further secure password authentication to ensure office security. For access, Nington enables unified identity authentication and terminal access security for multiple branches, supporting management of multiple roles from guests to employees and user-identity-based access control and online real-name auditing, which significantly improves the security bottom line of the Intranet and helps achieve classified protection compliance quickly.
Compared with Okta, Nington can better help WeWork follow the trend of localization in China and make office work more convenient and efficient with its MFA, unified identity management and SSO.
We adopt Nington’s MFA solution to meet China’s compliance requirements, align with WeCom and ADFS. Nington’s efficient, convenient, safe and stable identity and security services also help reduce IT overheads and improve user experience.
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