Add heterogeneous devices to domain for unified management
Core Capabilities
  • High Reliability
    Nington boasts 10+ years’ technical experience in identity management and recognition from 2000+ medium and large enterprises, with products widely adopted in sectors like finance, government, Internet, high-end manufacturing, energy and power.
  • High Availability
    To make identity system, one of the key IT infrastructures, perform more efficiently,  NDS provides both centralized and distributed deployment, allows real-time sync and replication between principal and subordinate servers to meet the requirements of high availability, load balancing, backup and recovery for business continuity and stability.

  • High Compatibility
    NDS is compatible with China-developed application ecosystem ranging from domestic CPU to OS like Kylin and UOS, combined with applications including Dameng database, Landray, Seeyon, and Weaver, providing continuous localized services.

Find solutions for your scenarios
NDS removes restrictions of Active Directory for better management of identities, apps and endpoints.
LDAP directory services for unified application and identity administration
If you have multiple independently-maintained LDAP-based applications (VPN, bastion host...), you can use the natvie LDAP directory services of NDS instead of OpenLDAP to provide identity sync and authentication capabilities. NDS also supports SaaS-delivered LDAP directory services for efficient identity management in small and medium-sized companies.
Hybrid Identity Infrastructure Building
In case of both internal IdPs like AD and social IdPs like Feishu, DingTalk, and WeCom, all applications depend on AD’s user store to provide services. If you need to use the scanning mode on social apps to sign in, you can adopt NDS as the identity bridge to connect AD and social IdPs, so as to scan QR codes for quick authentication.
Homegrown directory servers replacing AD
Enterprises of finance, healthcare, and government sectors are moving faster to replace foreign systems with self-developed ones, and AD is one of them. NDS ensures smooth migration from AD to homegrown directory server without affecting business. Specifically, NDS synchronizes user identities and organizational structure via LDAP protocol or standard interface, performs permission control and provides authentication services for applications that need to retrieve the original AD user store, say 802.1x authentication and VPN.
Thousands of enterprises choose Nington
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