Challenges of existing identity management system AD
  • Not timely modification
    When an AD user's password is about to expire, a prompt is displayed when logging into the computer. While no prompt will display when an employee is on a business trip or does not use the computer for other reasons.
  • Non-Self-service modification
    Employees cannot log in to computers and applications after the AD user password expires. The password can be reset only by administrators.
  • Cost of administration
    The administrator needs to reset the passwords of expired AD users one by one. As the number of employees increases, it takes administrators a lot of energy.
  • Poor usage experience of employees
    Resetting the passwords of expired AD users one by one consumes a lot of effort and inevitably causes errors, affecting the normal login of employees and various applications.
Solutions for Microsoft AD Self-modify Password
Customers' Approval
Nington is a very pragmatic enterprise. Through continuous innovation, it has reached an absolute leading level in the field of authentication. High quality services make us feel professional.
Nington as a localized IAM vendor has emerged with its products that have stood the test of market. Its MFA helps us quickly achieve classified protection compliance and improve the security of Intranet.
Nington’s integrated IAM solutions further secure password authentication to ensure office security. For access, Nington enables unified identity authentication and terminal access security for multiple branches, supporting management of multiple roles from guests to employees and user-identity-based access control and online real-name auditing, which significantly improves the security bottom line of the Intranet and helps achieve classified protection compliance quickly.
Compared with Okta, Nington can better help WeWork follow the trend of localization in China and make office work more convenient and efficient with its MFA, unified identity management and SSO.
We adopt Nington’s MFA solution to meet China’s compliance requirements, align with WeCom and ADFS. Nington’s efficient, convenient, safe and stable identity and security services also help reduce IT overheads and improve user experience.
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